The E-Application is a process that helps eliminate paper applications and allows you to complete the full application online via electronic signatures and submission to the carriers.

 Lincoln National * Nationwide * Securian (251K & above) * Prudential  

Non NY Carriers:  John Hancock * Principal * United of Omaha * Symetra (250K & above           

Please note: “All permanent coverage will require an illustration and must be uploaded to the E-APP.                                                                          A Signed illustration is required before issue. Please contact our sales area for assistance with the illustration.”





Drop Ticket  is a multi-carrier digital platform that allows you to compare rates from these eleven insurance companies on the IU website:

American General * American National (ANICO) * BANNER * Centrian (SBLI in CT) * John Hancock * Pacific Life -Promise  * Protective * Prudential * SBLI * United of Omaha * William Penn

You can then “drop a ticket” submission to apply for Insurance electronically.

This process requires telephone interview with the insured and allows the carrier to schedule any necessary age/amount requirements.

Effective Immediately! Principal Drop Ticket process is required for all non-NY term applications 1M and below.

(Paper apps will NOT be accepted, except for NY)

IMPORTANT NOTE! when completing the Drop Ticket – Section 3 – ADVISOR – Submitting Office page, you MUST enter the following contact email address in order to receive credit and compensation!                                           DropTicket@innovativeunderwriters.com

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