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Art Jetter & Co is a strategic partner to Innovative Underwriters and the Guardian Network servicing producers since 1979.
With resources and vast knowledge of the LTC market our team can help provide the support and assistance for all your LTC needs

Why Brokers Do Business with Us

  • Serving producers since 1979
  • Assist in carrier and plan selection
  • Market specialists 
  • Case management
  • Free leads and custom lead systems
  • Free email encryption tool
  • We profile your cases
  • On-staff chief underwriter
  • New-business specialists
  • $1,000,000 no-cost E&O
  • Tailored compensation
  • Weekly sales and marketing training

Meet our Team

Jamie Rochholz LTCi Underwriter (800) 228-0008 ext 1013 Jaimee.Rochholz@jetter.com
Brittani Button LTCi Marketing Specialist (800) 228-0008 ext 1007 Brittani.Button@jetter.com
Michelle Dunn LTCi Case Design and Case Manager (800) 228-0008 ext 1022 Michelle.Dunn@jetter.com
Lisa Speelman LTCi Linked Benefit Marketing Specialist (800) 228-0008 ext 1030 Lisa.Speelman@jetter.com
Matthew Wanning LTCi Linked Benefit Case Design Specialist (800) 228-0008 ext 1028 Matthew.Wanning@jetter.com
Nicole VanScoy LTCi Linked Benefit Case Manager and Commission Specialist (800) 228-0008 ext 1023 Nicole.VanScoy@jetter.com





“We find the ability to share underwriting files between Guardian and IU to be extremely beneficial in our daily business processing. In addition, our ability to share files is a terrific recruiting tool we can add to our value proposition, to help our associates build their careers.”

Nat Perlmutter   

“As a long time producer at Guardian, for many years we were writing UL and large term cases with various brokerage general agencies throughout the country.
For the last three years, we only write business with IU for the following reasons:
1. Quick response to every inquiry
2. We do not need to get unnecessary underwriting requirements. This saves time.
3, Expert advice on advanced planning situations.
4, Fantastic and quick underwriting. Superb communication and follow through.
5. Maybe, most importantly, getting exceptions and negotiating better underwriting classes than originally issued.

My life and business is better because of IU and their fantastic TEAM.”

Earl E. Rubinoff, CLU   

Contact Us

Innovative Underwriters
1800 JFK Blvd, Suite 700 
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 800.446.7872

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