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Do you need a specifically designed carve-out product for the institutional purchase of individual life insurance for executives, professionals, physicians or other highly compensated individuals…

delivered on a specifically tailored undewriting basis and pricing schematic?  

It’s hard to sell without a story! Here’s a collection of some compelling life stories to help you get started.

AIG – Live Longer. Retire Stronger

Increase Your Presence in the Hispanic American Market with Prudential

Review the Hispanic American Business Development Kit for way to expand your business within this key market!  Read more...

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know that breast cancer survivors may qualify for standard rates?

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Preferred Underwriting Criteria

Mutual of Omaha liberalizes  preferred underwriting criteria in many areas to help clients qualify for preferred rates. Click...

The substandard market

The substandard market is comprised of millions of people with health, occupation or avocation characteristics that result...